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WiFi Marketing


WiFi Marketing

With WiroSpot Wifi Marketing and CRM system create your own Wi-Fi media channel for your brand. Show advertisement, create interactive experiences, collect user data.



A new Advertising Channel

Use the Wi-Fi login page as your customized media channel

Location Based Marketing

Track your customers through mac addresses and send personalized SMS, e-mail when the are near.

Social Media Integration

Use social media logins to collect CRM data and create your own database


Show games, videos, music and informations on your login page. Show offline videos with high speed & quality.

CRM Data Collection

Collect CRM reports about your consumer behaviour, heatmaps, internet statistics and more.

High Security & Reliability

With high quality Cisco devices get reliable and secure service even for credit card transactions.


Simple User Experience



  • Step 1
    The users come to the location and search for a Wi-Fi.

  • Step 2
    They choose Wirospot Free Wi-Fi

  • Step 3
    They connect directly to the login page with full social features: Facebook, Twitter…

Advertising Capabilities

You can customized login page

- -

CRM Capabilities

Plug and Play System


Industrial Grade Technology


Industrial grade devices with %99.99 uptime.


No need for extra Firewall Secure for credit card payments PCI compliant.

High Speed

Up to 1.75 Gbps Content filtering 2.4 & 5 Ghz




Complete Managed Service

  • Centrally Managed :
    No need to go to location.

  • Legal Compliance
    Complies with legal logging requirements.

  • Reporting
    Monthly detailed reports available.





  • Collection of User Data :
    Name, Gender, Age, E-mail, Facebook ID, GSM numbe, Visit Frequency, Internet Usage (sites, contents, connection duration)

  • Location Data
    the system shows not only connected phones but also passerby visitors with wi-fi on. So it gives a reliable statitic about the traffic of the location


Our dedication to quality is certified in international standards.



Wirospot a subsidiary of Create-4 Innovation Company. We work with great brands. We have created projects in 12 countries: Netherlands, Canada, South Africa, Turkey, Greece, South Cyprus, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Pakistan.

Create-4 Operating Countries




Yildiz Technical University Davutpaşa Campus Teknopark C1 Blok C307 Esenler Istanbul Turkey

C4 İnteraktif Bilişim ve Reklam Teknolojileri Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Beşiktaş V.D.1950254695

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WiFi Marketing